Welcome to Mikkor Vietnam, a leading manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly accessories made from recyled materials. We take pride in our ability to develop and manufature a wide range of products, including pen boxes, shoe bags, lunch sacks, and laundry bags, tool bags, shopping bags, all with strong commitment to sustainability.
At our company, we belive in the power of recycling and repurposing materials to create functional and stylish accessories that not only meet your everyday needs but also contribute to a greener planet. By using eco-friendly recycled materials, we minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the environment.
Our team of skilled designers and craftsmen work diligently to ensure that each accessory we produce is of the highest quality, combining durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you need a pen box to keep your writing instruments organized, a shoe bag to protect your footwear, a lunch sack to carry your meals, or a laundry bag to simplify your laundry routine, we have the perfect eco-friendly solution for you.
By choosing our accessories, you are not only making a conscious choice for the environment but also supporting a company that values sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. Join us in our mission at a time. Contact us today to help you develop the perfect accessories that align with your values and lifestyle. Together, let's make a difference and inspire others embrace eco-friendly choices.